Dalot’ withdraws from Portugal, his wife is about to give birth.

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Manchester United defender Diogo Dalot withdraws from the Portugal national team. In the final 2 Euro qualifying matches, for personal reasons which the media assumed was because His wife was about to give birth to a

24-year-old Dalot child. Roberto Martinez called again. and last Saturday Just started full time helping the “Red Devils” win at home against Luton Town 1-0.

However, the official announcement of “Foi Thong” confirms that Dalot will not be involved in the upcoming national team break program. Which are preparing to meet Lichtenstein and Iceland respectively, ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

Martinez has talked to allow Dalot to withdraw by calling Joao Mario, a wide receiver from Porto, to the team instead, hoping to make his debut. The senior national team for the first time

gave a statement to the national team, stating that the reasons were personal. Without revealing further details, Fabrizio Romano, a famous journalist, revealed that It’s because Dalot’s wife is about to give birth in the next few days.

This season, Dalot has been a key player in the defense for United, playing in 16 games in every competition, while in the national team he has helped Portugal collect. Winning 8 matches in a row, guaranteed to advance to the final round.