Costa La Premier League return to Brazil hometown

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Costa La Premier League return to Brazil hometown

Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa has landed. It’s a return to the hometown Brazilian league again. by signing a contract with Botafogo

Diego Costa, the veteran spearhead of the Spanish national team, a former Chelsea striker, has already entered. It’s a return to the hometown Brazilian league again. By signing a contract with Botafogo yesterday

Indeed, the 34-year-old has returned to his home country once more after leaving Atletico Madrid at the end of 2020, joining Atletico Mineiro, but has since returned to European leagues. on the way Wolverhampton Wanderers

However, Costa has only signed a contract until the end of the season. And after 25 shots on the field, only one goal was scored. became a free agent again Before coming to the place that was posted with Botafogo was the latest

Botafogo’s manager is former Wolves boss Bruno Lage, who briefly served as Costa’s boss last season. Report from

Because while the last year’s Premier League champions confirmed Costa to return to training with the team But it seems that the Spain forward has made his own choice.

Recently, he has confirmed that “I already have my destination. That is, I would like to return to Atletico Madrid next season, although it seems that this has been stalled because Chelsea have not let me go. But I believe that going back to Spain would be the solution to this problem.

Back in the middle of last season. The Chinese giants were reportedly keen to sign Diego Costa , but at the time it looked as if Chelsea manager Antonio Conte wanted to keep him in hopes of winning the Premier League title. Until the end of the season, Conte