Understanding slot top-up formulas

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First of all, you must understand that slot games are Some are able to adjust their bets. some can’t be adjusted But if the capital is less often vote for the lowest bet Which is the following is the process of estimating how much slots are required to top up.

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1. Number of rounds that can be wagered

which if we take the amount or points that we have Divide by the minimum bet amount. We will know how many bets can be placed in total. Which if you think you want to bet more Then try to increase the bet amount and calculate the number.

2. Determine the number of each slot game to play

. Of course, we won’t play just one game. Because if we lose all our money on one game, we hardly have a chance to make excuses. Because sometimes when we play slots games If we lose the game from any game. It is recommended that you switch to another game. And because there is usually a downtrend alternating with an uptrend for the most part.

Therefore, we do not take the money we have to divide the points. That will be wager and play only one game and it’s gone.
The team recommends that you choose at least 3 games to test because if you lose two games in a row It usually goes back in the 3rd game. If playing more, then move it to 5, 7, 9 games, etc. It will be seen that it is set to an odd number.

3. Set the number of spin cycles.

Assuming we designed the number of spins per round of 100 games, we would wager a total of at least 2 rounds for each slot game. Because sometimes in the first round. If the bonus is not issue. We need to go to the second or third round. Because if you read the reviews of the team We can see that almost every slot game tends to win almost all of the bonuses. If you only play one round. It may be a waste bet that has it all.

However, the number of spin cycles is just a calculation of the capital. but in real play You don’t have to wait for 200 games to complete, as your profits may be lost after winning bonuses in a row, so get your bonus early. and reach a satisfactory amount, such as 1-2 games, can stop the game to continue playing other games

4. Determine the loss rate

Most of the games the team has reviewed. on average Usually no less than 80%, but the worst estimate is 50%, so you’ll need to calculate how Total bet for each game Multiply the total number of games, for example 200 games, how much will the bet amount be?

For example, 1 point per game, bet a total of 200 games, equal to a total of 200 points, the chances of remaining 100 points are possible. So you’ll need to top up for that game at least 50% or more. but to prevent further problems The team suggested that One game should top up 75% of the total bet for 200 games.

After you know how much stakes one slot game takes. You take the total bet amount of one slot game. Multiply it by the number of other slot games you will play in case the stakes are the same. but if not equal Must be calculated separately for each game and then added together again.