Slots formula, play well like an experienced person

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Today, I will take you to learn a few more techniques to play slots games . will gain more experience
Usually, some slot game apps have a value called RTP, which stands for Rate To Player
. What is this value? The answer is the return value that will be returned to the player itself.

That is, perhaps each casino slot game is designed to give players a certain amount of return. But it is not considered cheating in any way. Because anyway, the casino will only keep some of the fees. If you take money from every player every flower It is not good for the player. And it is not good for the casino itself.

in which to play slots Having said that, there is no technique at all, just budget management and statistical recording. ทางเข้า UFABET

Therefore, this article points out the way to play in the way it should be, which way should we play exactly?

1. Set the number of eyes to play.
Sometimes we may set the number of turns to play such as 50 rounds or 100 rounds or more. no rules of death

2. Save the winning result.
The recording of the values ​​may be saved in excel, after which every turn has to record the total amount, whether it is profit or loss. There should be another box to note that such eyes are normal refunds. or cash back from bonus Because maybe normal eyes can get more money than bonus eyes as well.

3. Sum up all the totals played to find the average.
To sum up the total amount from every game played, for example, playing 100 eyes will get a total score back to 500. If playing 100 eyes, it will be equal to getting 5 points per turn, etc.

4 Find the RTP value
. After that, we will find the RTP value, which gives the average money negated. Divide by the amount per bet. For example, if we bet 4 points per turn, it will be equal to RTP = 100 * (5/4) = 125%, meaning that we have a profit of 25%. This game is considered a profitable game.

5. Find the average from playing many sets.
Suppose we play this game many times. Divide it into several sets and then take the number of each set to average again. For example, the first set is 125%, the second set is 85%, the combination of two sets is (125 + 85)/2 = 105%, it is still profitable.

Why do you have to split the set? The reason is because playing each set we may not always use the same bet score. So we need to find the % of each set first and then average. It is not taken from the total number of points earned from that game set. Because some games have less profit %, but the stake is higher. may be able to earn more returns

So for sure Each set played should have a fixed amount bet.

6. Game
Analysis Game Analysis it is important We should consider how many consecutive bad games the game has. Some games may have a very high number of consecutive losses. But returned to receive a very high bonus return as well, but once in a while, this type of game may have to be played for quite a long time. Some sets may lose but profit from other sets instead. Plan the number of turns to play to be effective.