Sic Bo cheating technique make money illegally Techniques

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Sic Bo games or Sic Bo games are some of the hottest online casino games. The reason is because it’s fast. in which the speed Gamblers also have the opportunity to make quick profits. But still, there are risks if the gambler does not study and how to play carefully beforehand. Therefore, the team would like to recruit a way to play friends. For the player to have an advantage over you or can be call. Sic Bo cheating technique that you will not be pleased with

Sic Bo cheating technique

What we need to learn before we get to that part. We have to learn the rules The odds of paying almost every Sic Bo first.
which essentially There will be a number of bets, high-low bets, even-odd or point favorites, and there are also bets on Teng Tos as well. Hit the payout rate in each model We can see from the table of pages that can be stabbed at all.

Principles and techniques for cheating on Sic Bo

  1. Bet but favorites can be high-low or even-odd. The reason is because we will not pay the commission, the payout rate is 1:1
  2. Looking back at the statistics only 6 eyes, we don’t need to go back and read the stats too far. Because with statistical principles, the Tao is 6 sides, we only look at 6 eyes backwards.
  3. Compound when losing The advantage of playing Sic Bo online. Is that we can increase and decrease the amount of bets freely. So if we have enough capital, when we lose, we just roll over more money. The chances that we will make mistakes in a row for a long time are very low. Because we choose to bet that means we have a 50% chance of being right in every turn.
  4. No need to stab every eye We don’t need to rush ourselves to the extent that we can stab it with every turn. Reading statistics is always there for you. The last 6 eyes have not released any numbers, we just bet on the numbers that have not yet come out, that’s all.
  5. hit the house on the head Should set a profit target that we want every time we start playing by trying to set it in accordance with the funds we have, such as having a capital of 10,000 baht, set a profit target. 5 thousand baht is considered reasonable. When we reach the target profit, we should stop immediately, maybe change the role to do something else for a while and then come back to play again.

It can be seen that all principles are as simple as that. Sic Bo cheating technique The kind that doesn’t break the rules at all. that we will play any game We should always play with a plan. Because the dealer likes to play with the emotions of the gambler than the reason itself.

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