“Lewandowski” is not difficult to adapt to the alien style.

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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski has expressed confidence that he will easily adapt to the new team. The youngster

has moved to the Camp Nou as he wishes after Lewandowski, Barça and Bayern Munich have waged wars in the media in recent weeks.

33 joined from “Southern Tigers” for an initial fee of 45 million euros and signed a four-year contract with “Barcelona”

Lewandowski has revealed that he is aiming to bring Barca back to the top.

The dust is still settling on one of Barcelona’s biggest signing in years, after Robert Lewandowski joined up with the squad in the United States of America.

“I know this project has a great future. Despite the hardships in the past few years,” he told UFABET TV

, “when they contacted I don’t have to think much. because this is the right time I’m here to show off as much as I can and help the team get back to the top.”

Lewandowski is also confident he will adjust to playing under Xavi Hernandez, having been coached by Pep Guardiola

. Pep’s coaching has made it easier for me to adapt to Barca,” he added.

“I am someone who likes to listen. After talking to Xavi for the first time, I understood his ideas and way of thinking. I think I will be ready and I am excited to work with him.”