Gamecock rules. Must read how the gamecocks have rules to compete

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Gamecock rules

The previous article, we have presented about online gamecock that can be played from any website. Including how to play with each other already, but of course, just win and lose results. When watching sports, you have to understand the rules in order to win and have fun. Don’t fret about why Ngai made that decision. So let’s add a little bit about the knowledge of the rules of Gamecock.

In the competition Usually divided into 2 lines, namely professional line and amateur line, but with the rules of both lines, there are almost no differences. The only difference is the number of rounds and the time of each round. Therefore, we will talk about the general rules and the decision at once.

Gamecock rules

Competitive time
– Professional races will compete in 12 rounds of 20 minutes each, with a break time of 20 minutes
. – Amateur races will compete in all 5 rounds of 10 minutes each, with a break of 2 minutes.

It can be seen that the professional race is longer than 10 minutes, but has more than 18 minutes of rest, because it is considered a battle that takes a long time to make the chicken quite tired. But the 2-minute break in the amateur line is considerably less than a 10-minute break.

Gamecock rules

Model and weight

Before the race, the weight must be assessed to see if the weight of the chicken on each side is the same as the model or not. Which will be divided into 12 models from large to small as follows:
Weight (kg)
Heavyweight no weight limit
Light Heavyweight 3.80-3.89
Super Middleweight 3.80-3.89
Middleweight 3.70-3.79
Light Middleweight 3.60-3.69
Super Light Weight 3.50-3.59
Lightweight 3.40-3.49
Featherweight 3.30-3.39
Super Bantamweight 3.20-3.29
Bantamweight 3.10-3.19
3.00-3.09 Strawweight 2.90-2.99

after weighing The height was measured and the breed was registered. therefore wear dowels (Behind the chicken leg) with a glove that meets the standards by using the field. In addition, the chicken wings must be reinforced and enter the chicken’s mouth first.

measurement of wins and losses
In determining the win or loss results can be seen from the following things:
1. The chicken is injured. such as blood flowing into the eyes or closed eyes, including various wounds considered by the field master that he cannot continue the race will decide to
lose deformed symptoms), including broken mouth, cane
joints or turned back and refused to fight 3 times and ran away
4. The owner of the chicken gave up by rocking the white cloth.

All of this is the deciding factor for winning and losing.

Rules and restrictions that you should know
For the practice is any items that need to be used. to use the items provided by the field to prevent problems such as water Because if you prepare your own water, you may prepare a mixture of doping, so you need to be careful. Fifth, make stitches during the lifting break. Or do not open your eyes and screw your head (remove the frenzied blood).

For the gamecock rules, there is only this. You can see that there are quite a few special words. But because we are just trying to win and lose results. Maybe not a direct racer. therefore did not go into much in-depth details Anyway, understand the rules and let’s go to bet and have fun. ทางเข้า UFABET