Arsenal with double wages to hold back “Saka”

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Arsenal are reportedly ready to double their wages to keep Bukayo Saka on a new contract. Amid interest from the league team , the

20-year-old has made 131 appearances for the Gunners, scoring 23 goals and providing 29 assists since his debut in 2018

, but Saka has a contract remaining. At the Emirates Stadium, just two more years amid speculation that interest from Manchester City and Liverpool

has prompted them to expedite a contract extension, the UFABET reports that R. Senal has officially made an offer to Saka for consideration.

Reports say the new offer will cost the striker at least double the £70,000-a-week he is currently under contract,

have also surfaced claiming that Bukayo Saka has finally been offer a contract extension – so stay with us and keep your eyes peeled

although Saka has yet to accept the offer. But it is believed that this deal will be accomplish easily.

Thomas Patey and Gabriel Jesus are currently Arsenal’s most expensive players, earning £200,000-a-week. Saka’s deal is expect to have similar numbers

– Arsenal are believed to be looking at Saka as one of the team’s top players, and Mikel Arteta is hopeful the addition. This summer’s squad will help motivate the youngster to commit his long-term future to the club.